We are now accepting applications for the following two awards. Please go to the Get Involved – Scholarships link for more details and application forms.

The Mandin Award

The Mandin Award was established in 1991 in memory of Maurice, Susan, Islay and Janelle Mandin. The primary goal for the Award is to provide resources that will have the greatest positive impact for children from K-11 within Alberta.The second goal is to encourage those children who receive funds to pursue their educational priorities with enthusiasm and confidence.

Annually LDAA provides an award up to $800 to assist an individual or individuals in one family who have a learning disability.

Siobhan Isabella Reid Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship of $1,500 awarded to a full-time post secondary student in Alberta enrolled in a program

which will lead to that individual being able to assist children and/or adults with learning disabilities or ADHD. The student(s) may be enrolled in an undergraduate or post-graduate program of any faculty of any university within Alberta or in a college degree program.They have completed two full academic years at either a university or a college at which courses are acceptable by a university as applicable toward a university degree.