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study for the ALBERTA LEARNER'S TEST on your smart phone or tablet!

Just $9.99 - the same cost as the two lattes you will drink while studying!

The app is developed to make concepts easier to LEARN, STORE in memory, and SEPARATE

what you know from what you need to learn. Available for:


Sold at independent Registry Agents across Alberta.
French Kits available at select locations
Click here to find a registry in your area.

Why Use Prep Kits ?

Many students (and individuals for whom English is a second language) struggle with how to study all the information in the Driver’s Handbook and the Discover Canada Guide. When they fail the test, it is hard on their self-esteem, it is expensive and, in some cases, it interferes with their livelihood.

The Prep Kits are a series of concepts that summarize the Driver’s Handbook and Discover Canada Guide into smaller more manageable units of information.

The app and cards allow people to create an “I know it” pile and “I don’t know it” pile. This shows them how well they know the information. Because people tend to keep reviewing what they already know and ignore what they don’t know, this eliminates this problem and provides individuals with a clear idea of when they are ready to take the test.

There are many on-line multiple choice tests which are good for testing knowledge, but are not the most effective way to learn the material. This system was created so that people are able to recall the information rather than just recognize correct information. This results in better understanding of material and safer drivers.

Canada's Citizenship Prep Kits (English and French)

Once new Canadian's have their driver's licence, the next step is Canadian citizenship. Canada's Citizenship Prep Kits, available at many registries and newcomer associations, use the same proven question and answer format.

Click here for a list of registries offering this helpful learning tool!

Proceeds from the sale of the Prep Kits

The kits sell for approximately $20 with proceeds supporting the Right to Read project — LDAA’s initiative to provide teacher in-service so they can more readily identify children in Kindergarten and Grade 1 who may be at risk for reading problems and disabilities.

Please visit The Passing Zone website for more information about Prep Kits, including wholesale purchasing.

Click here for more information on the Right to Read project.

For more information about Prep Kits in Alberta or this fund-raising project, email: driversprepkit@gmail.com