Scholarships & Awards

LDAA and other organizations offer scholarships and bursaries for students and others with LD/ADHD.

Mandin Award

The Mandin Award was established in 1991 in memory of Maurice, Susan, Islay, and Janelle Mandin. Maurice and Susan Mandin were teachers with a sincere interest in children with special needs. Isaly and Janelle, their daughters, were students.

The Award has two purposes. The primary one is to provide resources that will have the greatest positive impact for children from K-11 within Alberta. The second goal is to encourage those children who receive funds to pursue their educational goals with enthusiasm and confidence.

An award is based on this criteria:

  • An award of up to $800 will be given to assist an individual or individuals in one family who have a learning disability.
  • The individual(s) will currently be attending K-11.
  • The individual(s) will be resident in Alberta.
  • Eligible programs and services will include, but are not limited to supporting the costs of attending summer camp, social skill development courses, tutoring, assessments, and technology.
  • Disbursement of the fund will be made directly to the program or service provider upon receipt of an invoice, or to the recipient with presentation of a receipt for the purchase of the approved technology.
  • One application per family will be accepted.
  • Application deadline May 15

Please ensure your application is pertinent to the field of learning disabilities. The awards committee will use the definition of learning disabilities that was adopted by the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada in 2002.

Mandin 2019 Application PDF

Siobhan Isabella Reid Memorial Scholarship

The Siobhan Isabella Reid Memorial Scholarship was established in 1982.

One scholarship will be presented annually to a full-time post secondary student in Alberta. The amount of the scholarship is $1,500 and will be awarded to the student enrolled in a program which will lead to that individual being able to assist children and adults with learning disabilities. The student may be enrolled in any faculty of any university within Alberta or in a college degree program.

Criteria for Application:

  1. Student must be enrolled full time at a university or college in Alberta during the school year in which the scholarship is received.
  2. Student must have completed two full academic years at either a university or at a college at which courses are acceptable by a university as applicable toward a university degree.
  3. The scholarship is open to undergraduate or post graduate students enrolled in any faculty at a university or college in Alberta.
  4. During the scholarship year, the applicant must be enrolled in a program which will lead to that individual being able to assist children and adults with learning disability.
  5. The applicant must submit:
    • an official transcript of his or her academic record for the student’s last university or college year
    • two letters of reference from non-relatives
    • an outline of his or her contributions to that applicant’s community as well as to campus life
    • an outline of the program the student wishes to undertake during the scholarship year.

The applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

    • the student’s contributions to his or her community and to campus life
    • a satisfactory academic record
    • the student’s future educational program leading toward assisting children and adults with learning disabilities.

The deadline for receipt of applications is May 15!

2019 Reid Criteria

2019 Reid application PDF

Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities

Education for Life Bursary

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)

Information on scholarships administered by Alberta Scholarship Programs with a wide range of availability requirements.

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Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Scholarship available to individuals with any disability.

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Blue Cross

For Blue Cross scholarships.

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Shire Canada

Attention Grade 12's going to post-secondary! The Shire Canada ADHD Scholarship Program supports people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) who are pursuing higher education. The deadline for application is April 22, 2016

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