About Us

The Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (LDAA) is a registered charity and non-profit organization of parents, professionals and other concerned people dedicated to maximizing the potential of people with learning disabilities. The provincial organization focuses its efforts on province-wide initiatives, most specifically representing the learning disabilities community at the provincial level. The Chapters provide direct programs and supports to children, families and adults affected by learning disabilities and ADHD.

Our Vision

LDAA envisions a society of strength through diversity where exceptional learners are identified early, understood and supported throughout their lives.

Our Mission

To promote public understanding and cultivate support networks to build resilience and discover potential in people with learning disabilities.

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit charitable association of parents and professionals linked to a network of chapters, currently in Red Deer and Edmonton.

We Believe...

  • Every person is unique and this must be respected and reflected in public policy
  • Unwrapping the gifts of people with learning disabilities unlocks their full potential
  • People with learning disabilities are a vast untapped human resource
  • Early intervention and appropriate accommodation are essential
  • The consequence of neglecting learning disabilities is community-wide and impacts resources in employment, mental health, justice, health and other human services. The subsequent loss of human potential is immeasurable.